Signs by @moonchild216

I hi-jacked Tris’s page!!!
Below is some art work and poetry both done by me.
Hope you guys enjoy!!
😊 Sincerely, Moon~

@moonchild216 on twitter

Not sure which way to go ..
So, I’m waiting..
Waiting by the side of the road..
Waiting for a gust of wind to blow..
Waiting for a thunder bolt strike down and … glow
Light up the right path, that way I will just know
But until then, I’m just waiting..
I’m not in a rush
No longer anticipating much
I’ve kinda given up
After I seen my dreams get crushed
Was it me ? or was it fate saving me
From something just not meant to be..
All these thoughts ..just rush thru my domain..
When all I want is silence maintain
..some peace

People get on my nerves when they think they know which piece goes where to MY PUZZLE:
Do this, jump on one foot!! Tap your head with one hand ..close your eyes and just stand … here.

I’ve tuned the noise out ..
All that’s left is pure fear..of the unknown
Which way am I heading? Which way am I supposed to go?!
Trust……I trust no one! Make no mistake.
So save your directions for the next lost soul 😒
I’m good, trust! Leave me in my daze
I rather chill in my cloud of haze than listen to you cheer me down the wrong road..
I tried running from my shadow
and it found me..
Standing in the cold.
Have you ever stared your shadow in the face?
Me neither.
Guess it’s my time, maybe then, I’ll
know which way… to go.



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