Anger Management


“I wasn’t always on some MLK shit…
Violence and anger is in us all, part of human nature…
It’s just a matter of how you release it.
If you don’t know the old me, how can you really appreciate the new me?”

Afraid of NO man, tough guys spark no fear in me.
I laugh in the face of danger, funny when a clown nigga stares at me.
My rep precedes me. I’m winning easy, believe me.
But I got too much at stake now with so many that need me.
So I brush it off, I just walk away.
The fact that I let you go… To God, you oughta PRAY!
I ain’t the same today, I aim to play. Doin what this Guardian Angel say
Said that wasn’t ME, and told me I had to change my way.
Ashamed to say… I was walkin around so aimlessly,
Hoped someone would look at me funny just so I could break his face.
It’s safe to say, I have a short fuse.
But everybody gets mad so that’s a POOR excuse!
Words of an old person… I did some soul searching.
Found what I was missing now I’m FINALLY a whole person.
I’ve learned to channel this anger when dealing wit imminent dangers
You can do damage to a man, but still his ignorance lingers…

You see a nigga frowning, Do you care to know what’s behind it?
Ever search for somethin, not knowing what, but know that you’ll never find it?
Fuck this Deeeeemon! For the times that I almost lost HER
Or the time I let him get the best of me and I tossed her!
The holidays I ruined, every wall I punched right thru and
So much time in life I wasted being mad. Damn, how I blew it.
Yeah, I’m blaming him… But I gotta take the guilt
It’s like having no control but still you make the tilt.
My anger SOOO real, don’t get to pick and choose.
Take it out on the first person that steps in my view.
I’m talkin loved ones, friends, even the biggest of men.
Ignore their innocence, it makes no difference.
Hear these young women and men, BRAG bout how angry they get.
I find it hard to believe they have no control over it.
Shit don’t feel good at all to hurt a person you love.
So having a REAL problem is somethin they’d truly be scared of.



One thought on “Anger Management

  1. Yea. I already got this. Now that I’ve spent more time around you, it’s more powerful, more intense. Seems like I’m reading it for the first time.

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