More Than Rhymes (My Vision)


An introduction… To who I am.
I’m not a rapper selling music about moving them grams.
Not here to talk about the guns I have or shooting a man.
Every bar I spit reflects my life as true as it can.
I have a message, and I will express it.
Some positivity mixed with this depression.
You won’t hear me call a woman a bitch, but I’m no saint.
Got my dirt but I choose colors to show the image I paint.
Holding a Pen and a Pad, Homie I been in the lab
Cooking up hits. And when I blow then I could sit and just laugh
About the good and the bad. Nigga I withstood the jabs
and I walked out the fight unscathed. Now I’m the victor AT LAST!
It’s MY TIME! Tho I ain’t tryin to shine.
It’s time for them to see my vision, this is more than rhymes.
It’s “pay your mortgage” time, Make sure your daughters’ fine.
And get our sons to college. Knowledge more than sure to find.
I’m spreading wisdom like a salesman door-to-door wit mine.
And I won’t quit until they hear me by the borderline.
So If I never sell a record I’ll be more than fine.
To touch a couple lives with words will make ya boy defined.
You see I’m smarter than your average, wise for my years b.
I try to share my thoughts but it’s like nobody hears me.
It’s clearly, getting to me so severely.
I’m wary of the very thing that’s carried me and steered me…
Nigga I been there, been scared. Friends lost, been teared!
Battled with my own addiction. Been loved, been feared.
Been down enough paths to give you all direction.
So when you’re feeling lost, feel free to come and collect it.

“I will be heard… Even if they don’t wanna hear me… It’s only the beginning”


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