Walking Contradiction


“After this one, you’re either gonna love me…
Or you’re gonna love me.
The choice is yours… No pressure”

Troubled Soul… His gun he loads.
Ticking timebomb ready to explode.
Heart is cold just under 40 below.
Inside his chest it snows, organs already froze.
Ignore their calls then wonder why I’m alone.
Now things are complicated between me and my phone.
Tell em DON’T call, but hurt they actually listen.
So I’m ANGRY when she call, feeling sad that she didn’t.
Gloom… I lock MYSELF in this room.
And take away all these windows. 4 empty walls, My VIEW!
Feeling hopeless and inspired at the same time.
I start writing, end up quitting on the same LINE!
Damn, I missed her call… phone on silent.
But I don’t waste my breath, cuz she won’t buy it.
She knows I wasn’t tryin. Knows that I looked right by it.
Every time I hit “Ignore”, she knows it and knows I’m lyin. SHIT!

Some say I’m too nice, some say an Asshole!
I say I’m Bipolar tryna let the LATTER go.
When I say I’m smarter than you or tell you that I’m a Genius,
I don’t say it cuz it’s funny, I say it because I mean it!
Humble as they come, tho I’m better than most.
So I sit back, watch em try. Laugh at them as they boast.
Dying to be loved but I’m quick to run away from it.
Know she the right one… STILL want more space from her.
So now her days numbered, but I won’t tell her that.
Instead I dodge her calls, treat her like a sales rep.
I’m a piece of SHIT! But I love me.
At least that’s what I say… so they don’t judge me.
Loner that wants company. Shy, craving attention.
Hate lookin in mirrors but stay taking nude pictures.
Practice peace while Anger is my addiction.
It’s like I’m battling myself and this life is a contradiction.

“I’m not much different from yall…
Difference is, I admit to all my flaws.
You should try it some time”

*DISCLAIMER: The image above is an artistic representation of the mood I felt when writing this.

This is ART… meant to catch your eye, then your mind. I do not condone drug use or the use of guns for violence.*


5 thoughts on “Walking Contradiction

    • Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked it. And yeah, I’ve been writing quietly for months now, but didn’t have the confidence to share :-\ I can’t wait to publish next weeks poem now. Lol. Appreciate the love!

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