Depressed? Sad? Lonely? Seem like you’re the only person feeling that way? You think everyone on Twitter really that happy? Why… Because we RT jokes and “Lol” all day? Cuz we have more Followers and get more Mentions and Instagram “Likes” than you? You’re surrounded by so much fake happiness that you start to wonder “What’s wrong with me? Why am I not as happy as everyone else?”. So you search for happiness in the wrong places. Lower your standards. Settle for things you would normally deem unacceptable in relationships.

But ask yourself this: If I had a great life with a loving partner and kids, a perfect family that enjoyed spending time together, and tons of REAL-life friends that I truly trust who would do anything for me… Would I be on Twitter all day? The answer is “No” because you’re REALLY happy (If you said “Yes” then stop reading here… and make sure you don’t accidently put your @Username when filling out your Food Stamps Eligibility Form next month). Now think of your friends/associates/relatives who actively Tweet and browse FB and IG all day… Chances are when they fall in love with the right person, they ain’t Tweeting half as much. And if you, by chance, know any couples in HEALTHY, long-term relationships, I’d bet they don’t spend all day & night reading Tweets and Statuses about other peoples’ lives on Twitter & FB. Coincidence?

Now this ain’t to say no one on Twitter is happy. Or that couples can’t be on Twitter. I’m just shedding light on the fact that a lot of the people on social networks that you compare your sad life to, really ain’t doing as good as their Tweets may read. Twitter thrives off of #FakeHappiness. And I think that’s cool. It gives people an outlet to forget how miserable their lives really are. Just be careful not to get lost in the smoke and mirrors.

   EVERYBODY AIN’T AS HAPPY AS YOU THINK. In fact, most Americans suffer the same sadness you do. There’s a reason anti-depressants are amongst the most prescribed medications in the U.S. Cuz people are… Depressed! Lower wages, higher cost of living, unemployment & divorce rates at all-time highs, your girl ass not lookin as fat with the growing popularity of Butt-Injections, ya baby-daddy don’t pay child support but just took his new lady (with better hair than you) on vacation to Florida. Shit… Times are hard! You’re not alone.

   And ain’t nothing wrong with acting happier than you are if it helps you cope. Shit, I do it. But comparing your level of happiness to the people you see on tv or social media is only gonna make you feel worse. The #Sneakerhead snowing off his kicks on IG probably still live wit Mom and can’t even bring a girl home… #FakeHappy The girl posting pics of her “Amazing” man knows he got side pieces so she devotes her whole life to claiming her territory. She think she could convince her people they’re doing better than they really are… #FakeHappy The single mom getting hundreds of “Likes” on her pics, who RT’s every #HeyBoo and compliment she get, is lonely and uses the attention she gets to convince herself she still “Got it”. Every nigga she gives a chance only want 1 thing, and she knows it but can’t figure out why she can’t get a GOOD man… #FakeHappy

Moral of this post is: Nobody as happy as you think. Don’t compare your life to the #FakeHappiness you’re subjected to daily on your phone & television. Embrace your sad life… and then find REAL motivation to better it! – @TrisTheBarber