Welcome Back, Stress…


Welcome Back, Stress/
Been a while since we last met/
Last time we spoke, you said I’d still be broke/
And I ain’t seen no cash yet/
Every message I ever got from you,
seemed so logical/
But I gotta keep my distance,
my family ain’t too fond of you/
Only way to get rid of you/
drugs or happiness/
Neither ever last so I end up lost, boy/
No love or peace, just nappiness/
No shower, no food/ no power, just truth/
Prestige can feel my pain BEFORE I step into the booth/
So reality sets in and you’re right back at my doorstep/
Easing your way in and I ain’t even crack the door yet/
Weight of the World at 8 but my body can only push 4 reps/
Working just my biceps, I ain’t get to build on my core yet/
Strong as a Corvette…
but ain’t seen no wars yet/
Get tossed out in the field, no shield/
See how cruel this World gets/
I still try to push you away/
Music’s the key to blocking you out/
But there’s different ways to my Mind/
and you know all the alternate routes/
My heart’s tryna let you in/
but my brain stay tryna talk you out/
A 4-way convo by myself/
wit NO CLUE  what the FUCK I’m talkin about!/
So I stop…
Look around to make sure I’m all alone/
Am I crazy?!”:
That’s a whole ‘nother topic on its own/
Why don’t you allow me to sleep?
Why can’t you allow me this day?
Why won’t you let me forget all the pain that stands in my way?
I swear you’re just like a black cloud
Only showing me night/
Soon as my future’s lookin bright I know we’ll just reunite/
Every ounce of hope I find/
Every smile that’s actually mine/
With every ray of sunshine/
You creep in and fog my mind/
But no matter when you show up/
No matter what sad song you play/
I know its only temporary/
No matter how long you stay

– @TrisTheBarber



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