CONCLUSION: Social network fasting = SUCCESS

UPDATE: So if you follow, you know it’s been a week since my “fasting” trial. Of course I didn’t last the whole week (Yes, I’m human). But it wasn’t about a set time. It was about learning, which is exactly what I did. And judging by the feedback I’ve received, and am still receiving, lots of people gained something from this post. Which is my sole reason for starting this whole blog. Your comments, texts, emails made this worth it, and will keep me going. Statistics, Views, Followers mean nothing if no one is actually LISTENING.
   To end this, I just wanna say that I do NOT hate social networks. They have lots of benefits, including entertainment and opening doors for business ventures. I just hate the direction they’re steering our society. Use wisely and be honest with yourself. Admitting an addiction can be embarrassing but look at what you gain. It’s the only way to get to a better YOU. ALL of the people that went for this ride with me, even if for 1 night, said they were more productive and got better rest. I don’t say completely remove things from your life, I just suggest taking breaks. Finding a balance.

REMEMBER: Life is not a popularity contest . “Some seek fame cuz they need validation.” – Nas


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