Operation: Social Network Fasting

How many of you could go a week, fuck it, a day without going on FB, Twitter, or Instagram (IG)?  If you think you can, then try it. Uninstall the apps from your phone. I bet you’ll be itching after 18 hrs! Feel incomplete, like you’re missing out on the World. When in actuality, the World is right in front of you. The World is what you see when you AREN’T on social networks. So give it a shot. And see the difference in your life. How much more productive your day becomes.
My journey started 2 days ago. On the first morning, as soon as I woke up I did what we all do… Look at our phone. NO notifications??? Then I remembered why. So instead of scrolling thru pictures and Tweets of other peoples’ “alter-ego” lives, I got up and brushed my teeth. Then made a big breakfast and hit the gym after eating. During my hour-long workout, I kept wanting to scroll thru IG. But I couldn’t do it. So instead I just exercised. And didn’t Tweet about it. Who woulda thought?!
Thru my day at work, same thing. Didn’t know what to do with myself. Was I really gonna JUST work? But I made it thru the day. I survived. And on top of that, so did my forever-dying smartphone battery. Made it thru the whole shift.
Now was the real test… Bedtime. For months I would sit in bed til 3am, telling myself I was only scrolling thru these social networks because I couldn’t sleep and had nothing else to do. But I found that was a lie on my first night of my experiment. With nothing to do on my phone, and my TV ban still in place (I’ll explain that in another post), I fell asleep at 12:30. Just after midnight. That might be a lifetime record for me! So instead of being on my phone because I was awake, I was actually awake because I was on my phone. I just didn’t wanna believe it.
This cycle continued the next day thru the night and I woke up this.morning feeling good. The sense of feeling like I’m missing something has already left me. I feel more energized, more at peace. Don’t feel the need to take pictures of any and everything I come across. Don’t have to tell people where I’m going or what I’m doing, in hopes that someone will read my Tweet and think I’m cool. No one to impress! Having fun for myself instead of for my followers. So if you think you’re not addicted to your phone, give it a try. Uninstall any social media from your phone, don’t login from a desktop, and try to live your life for a change.

SIDENOTE: Facebook is the exception for this. 1: Because I need it to keep in touch with a few people that don’t have cellphones. 2: It’s not fun anyways, so I’m not tempted to look at it.



2 thoughts on “Operation: Social Network Fasting

  1. The few vacations I take, I do this. It’s a bit unnerving at first but after awhile, it’s just like you said — the pain goes away. HOWEVER, I won’t ever uninstall the social apps I use during non-vaction days. I understand that there is a thin line between actual productive use, but I try pretty diligently to walk that line because my work life & social life is all combined.

    Outside of just social apps, I think the real challenge would be to remove ourselves from digital devices completely. I don’t watch TV because I watch everything online. I’m constantly reading a different article (like this) or doing research for something. I can do social for a bit… but digital fasting; I’ll last about 3hrs O_o

    • You’re absolutely right. It’s more than just social apps. An “all-digital everything” fast would be the true challenge. But I figure most people use their phones for 1 thing more than anything else, and that’s social networks. If they don’t have that, their phones almost become obsolete. I also agree with you keeping your apps for business reasons. I didn’t mention TV because I thought people stopped watching those things long ago. Lol. Thanks for the Feedback.

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