CONCLUSION: Social network fasting = SUCCESS

UPDATE: So if you follow, you know it’s been a week since my “fasting” trial. Of course I didn’t last the whole week (Yes, I’m human). But it wasn’t about a set time. It was about learning, which is exactly what I did. And judging by the feedback I’ve received, and am still receiving, lots of people gained something from this post. Which is my sole reason for starting this whole blog. Your comments, texts, emails made this worth it, and will keep me going. Statistics, Views, Followers mean nothing if no one is actually LISTENING.
   To end this, I just wanna say that I do NOT hate social networks. They have lots of benefits, including entertainment and opening doors for business ventures. I just hate the direction they’re steering our society. Use wisely and be honest with yourself. Admitting an addiction can be embarrassing but look at what you gain. It’s the only way to get to a better YOU. ALL of the people that went for this ride with me, even if for 1 night, said they were more productive and got better rest. I don’t say completely remove things from your life, I just suggest taking breaks. Finding a balance.

REMEMBER: Life is not a popularity contest . “Some seek fame cuz they need validation.” – Nas


The secret to McDonalds “Special” Orange Juice is out!


McDonalds… The secret is out. You will no longer sucker my people into buying your small cup of orange juice for $2 when we can purchase a bottle of Simply Orange for $2.50 at Target.
We all know that McDonalds orange juice is one of Earth’s greatest drinks in the morning. Some of us wake up early on a Saturday without having to work. Just to catch Mickey D’s breakfast and rush thru the food to get to that drink. Not to say that a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit isn’t heavenly in it’s own right. But the people love their Mickey O.J. But what makes it so special? We never ask, we don’t care. Just give us our fix and we’ll be on our merry way.
Well today I accidently found the secret. I ordered my #3 as usual, peeked in the bag to act like I was checking to see if my order was right (No one ever really checks), and sped off. Ate my sandwich and hashbrown. Life is Good. Went to drink my O.J. and realized the lady ain’t give me a straw! Damn, I guess I can drive and drink the juice with no lid… Luckily I got stuck at a long light. I ripped the lid off and poured the blissful drink down my throat… and almost spit it out! It tasted horrible. I tried to sip a little more, but it wasn’t happening. I put the lid on, sat it in the cupholder, and was home within a few minutes. Got in the house and found that I had the straw. I put it in my pocket when the server gave it to me -__- I told myself I had to finish the terrible O.J. because I paid for the shit, so I put the straw in, and just like that… The angels were singing again! The drink I wouldn’t share with my starving kids was BACK! DRINKING ORANGE JUICE THROUGH A STRAW MAKES IT TASTE BETTER.
There’s no other explanation. McDonalds, if this gets out, you’re outta commission. I don’t know how powerful Mickey D’s is, but if I disappear, you guys can assume this Blog post is why. I hope you all take this info, invest in some straws, and start loving Orange Juice from the comfort of your fridge. Enjoy!

Nigga with a message…

Take a look into the mind of a Self-Appointed Genius. The thoughts of a highly-opinionated music lover. Anti-“Popular”. Chances are… If you like it, I don’t. Not looking for fame, Just a nigga with a message, attempting to spread my knowledge and change the World. Future Nobel Peace Price Winner. Read, Understand, Learn, & Share

Operation: Social Network Fasting

How many of you could go a week, fuck it, a day without going on FB, Twitter, or Instagram (IG)?  If you think you can, then try it. Uninstall the apps from your phone. I bet you’ll be itching after 18 hrs! Feel incomplete, like you’re missing out on the World. When in actuality, the World is right in front of you. The World is what you see when you AREN’T on social networks. So give it a shot. And see the difference in your life. How much more productive your day becomes.
My journey started 2 days ago. On the first morning, as soon as I woke up I did what we all do… Look at our phone. NO notifications??? Then I remembered why. So instead of scrolling thru pictures and Tweets of other peoples’ “alter-ego” lives, I got up and brushed my teeth. Then made a big breakfast and hit the gym after eating. During my hour-long workout, I kept wanting to scroll thru IG. But I couldn’t do it. So instead I just exercised. And didn’t Tweet about it. Who woulda thought?!
Thru my day at work, same thing. Didn’t know what to do with myself. Was I really gonna JUST work? But I made it thru the day. I survived. And on top of that, so did my forever-dying smartphone battery. Made it thru the whole shift.
Now was the real test… Bedtime. For months I would sit in bed til 3am, telling myself I was only scrolling thru these social networks because I couldn’t sleep and had nothing else to do. But I found that was a lie on my first night of my experiment. With nothing to do on my phone, and my TV ban still in place (I’ll explain that in another post), I fell asleep at 12:30. Just after midnight. That might be a lifetime record for me! So instead of being on my phone because I was awake, I was actually awake because I was on my phone. I just didn’t wanna believe it.
This cycle continued the next day thru the night and I woke up this.morning feeling good. The sense of feeling like I’m missing something has already left me. I feel more energized, more at peace. Don’t feel the need to take pictures of any and everything I come across. Don’t have to tell people where I’m going or what I’m doing, in hopes that someone will read my Tweet and think I’m cool. No one to impress! Having fun for myself instead of for my followers. So if you think you’re not addicted to your phone, give it a try. Uninstall any social media from your phone, don’t login from a desktop, and try to live your life for a change.

SIDENOTE: Facebook is the exception for this. 1: Because I need it to keep in touch with a few people that don’t have cellphones. 2: It’s not fun anyways, so I’m not tempted to look at it.